Bluetooth Portable Device for ECG and Patient Motion Monitoring Noureddine BELGACEM* , Fethi BEREKSI-REGUIG*

The cardiovascular disease does harms to person’s health, and most of them are concerned with arrhythmia which is the leading cause of
death. The chances of suffering a myocardial infarction are great and increase up to fifteen times after the first occurrence. During a heart
attack, heart muscle is depraved of oxygen and will literally die if the artery remains blocked. The first few hours are critical in saving
much of the dying heart muscle and preventing permanent heart damage. Unfortunately, the symptoms vary and the most common reason
for critical delays in medical treatment is lack of early warning and patient unawareness.
It is possible to detect the onset of a heart attack and eliminate patient error. In this paper, we present a portable miniature wireless device
for ECG measurements. The patient will only be required to carry a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth. When the device detects a heart
attack, it will alert the cell phone which in turn will automatically call for help and provide the patient’s location. The goal is to provide
early heart attack detection so that the patient will be given medical attention within the first few critical hours, thus greatly improving his
or her chances of survival.

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