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Study on solar adsorption refrigeration cycle utilizing activated carbon prepared from olive stones

For countries with a high potential of solar energy, producing cold using solar energy is a promising way to sustainable development since the energy used is free and not harmful for the environment. This work proposes a solar adsorption refrigerator using a compound adsorbent fabricated from (...)

Asymmetric SPWM used in inverter grid connected

The overall efficiency of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems depends on the efficiency of the DC-into-AC conversion. Therefore, a key consideration in the design and operation of inverters is how to achieve high efficiency with power output. This paper presents a concept of (...)

Dielectric properties of flash - evapored CuInSe2 photovoltaic thin films

In this paper, we have analyzed the dielectric functions of CuInSe2 photovoltaic thin films, ε = ε1 + iε2 .Thus we have obtained the dispersion spectra corresponding to ε1 (λ ) and ε2 (λ ) from spectrophotometry measurements for different thicknesses of thin (...)

Thermodynamics aspect of high pressure hydrogen production by water electrolysis

Hydrogen can be produced from water electrolysis which can operate at atmospheric pressure or high pressure. Today’s industry including vehicle one, devotes efforts to produce high pressure hydrogen by using pressurized electrolyser. The purpose of this work is to estimate the ideal (...)

Modèle thermochimique bidimensionnel de pyrolyse de la biomasse

La pyrolyse de la biomasse est étudiée. Un modèle thermochimique bidimensionnel basé sur une méthode nodale a été créé. Il intègre un mécanisme de transfert de chaleur et d’écoulement diphasiquc. La décomposition du bois s’effectue selon trois réactions concurrentes, produisant coke, gaz et goudrons. Ces (...)

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