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الأجناس الأدبية بقاء في صراع أم صراع من أجل البقاء

Too many controversies surround the question of interference between literary genres in prose in general and narratives in particular. This issue is among the most prevalent preoccupations in poetics in that classifying genres and determining the nature of the relationship between them has (...)

البنية، المعنى، الإيديولوجيا البُنى الصّغرى والكبرى والعليا في أدب جبران خليل جبران(مقاربة عرفانيّة)

Based on cognitive perspective, this work investigates the relationship between schematic structure and meaning from one hand and its relationship with ideology from another hand. This research proved that structure is not a mere form for meaning but rather it is meaning itself in its ways of (...)

موجّهات الحكي وآليات بناء السرد في رواية « جمرات من ثلج » للروائية لمها خير بك ناصر

The article deals with the narrative devices in Embers of snow « djamrat min thaldj » the novel of the Lebanese woman writer Maha Kheir Bek. This novel develops the relationship of the Arab intellectual with the Other, and is based on four elements : one, a structure of metaphores constructed (...)

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